Visual Impact Assessments

Eco Elementum as an experienced and skilful consultancy with a proven track record has the ability to conduct Visual Impact Assessments incorporating and utilising the latest available technologically advanced software based tools to assist and support our clients with the planning and management of potential visually related impacts as a result of a certain project, development or endeavour.

Our Visual Impact Assessment studies adheres to the criteria outlined by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) Guideline for Involving Visual and Aesthetic Specialists in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process (the DEA&DP Guidelines) which recommends that the following concepts underpin the visual evaluation of the project proposals:

  • Identify all significant scenic resources, including protected areas, scenic drives, sites of special interest and tourist destinations, together with their relative importance within the region.
  • Understand the dynamic landscape processes, including geological, biological, horticultural and human settlement patterns, which contribute to landscape character, visual attributes and scenic amenity value.
  • Include both quantitative criteria, such as visibility, and qualitative criteria, such as aesthetic value or sense of place to achieve a balanced perception of visual impact.
  • Include visual input as an integral part of the project planning and design process, to ensure that the visual findings and recommended measures for mitigation can influence the final design pro-actively.
  • Determine the value and significance of visual and aesthetic resources responsibly through a rigorous process, of which participatory public engagement forms an essential component.
  • Providing monitoring guidelines for ongoing evaluation during the project lifecycle.