Soils and Land Capability Impact Assessments

Eco Elementum as registered SACNASP Agricultural and Soil Scientists can offer the following services related to soil, land use and land capability assessment:

  • Determining both the physical soil properties of soil in the development footprint (direct area of influence) as well as a buffer zone area around the proposed infrastructure.
  • Determining the current land capabilities on site.
  • Evaluating the current land uses and the agricultural potential of the proposed project site.
  • Determining and rating the sensitivity of the receiving baseline environment (pertaining to the specialist field) to the proposed development.
  • Identifying, describing and rating the anticipated impacts of the proposed project on the soil of the study area and its related capabilities and potential.
  • Developing and describing mitigation and management measures to minimise the anticipated impacts.
  • Providing monitoring guidelines for ongoing evaluation during the project lifecycle.