Rock Engineering Blast and Ground Vibration Impact Assessment

Ground vibrations and air blasts are side effects of blasting which is a fundamental part of mining. By implementing mitigating measures such as developing a proper blast design, measuring the outcomes, evaluating the measurements and improving the design Eco Elementum can assist in ensuring that blasting has the minimal effect on the surrounding environment and structures.

Explosives are used to break rock through the shockwaves and gases yielded from the explosion. Ground vibration is a natural result from blasting activities. The far field vibrations (those vibrations felt further away from the blast area) are inevitable, but undesirable by products of blasting operations. The shockwave energy that travels beyond the zone of rock breakage is wasted and could cause damage and annoyance further on.

In order to assess or predict the effect of a blast and the resultant ground vibration in the proposed mining area, the Peak Particle Velocity calculations are used to determine the effect that it may have on the geology and surrounding surface structures.