Rehabilitation, Decomissioning and Mine Closure Planning

As the National Environmental Management Act No. 107 of 1998 (“NEMA“) “Financial Provisioning Regulations, 2015″ GNR1147 GG 39425 (“2015 Regulations“) were promulgated, this now results in a significant sophisticated transference of thinking from the longstanding standardised and simplified Regulation 53 and 54 process, contained in the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (“MPRDA“) Regulations, 2004.

These regulations set out the requirements for Prospecting, Exploration, Mining or Production Operations where an applicant or holder of a right or permit needs to determine and make financial provision to guarantee the availability of sufficient funds to undertake rehabilitation and remediation of the adverse environmental impacts of prospecting, exploration, mining or production operations.

The regulations require an applicant or holder of a right or permit to compile and annually review the following three documents:

  • A final rehabilitation plan;
  • An annual rehabilitation plan; and
  • An environmental risk assessment report.

In order to fulfil the legislated obligation as interpreted above, Eco Elementum offers the following range of services:

  • Decommissioning, Closure, Rehabilitation and Closure Liability components determination and definition
  • Framework output generation for Final Land-use, Vision, Objectives and Targets
  • Independent Risk Assessment and associated Risk Assessment Management Plan (RAMP)
  • Formulation and review of the:
    • Decommissioning components
    • Closure components
    • Rehabilitation components
  • Development and review of the:
    • Decommissioning Closure Rehabilitation Management Plan (DCRMP) and
    • Annual Rehabilitation Management plan (ARMP)
  • Closure Liability Assumption definition and review
  • Closure and Latent Liability Calculations according to the most recent benchmarked industry and site specific unit rates with associated Closure Cost Report (CLR)