Environmental Noise Impact Assessment Studies

At Eco Elementum Environmental Noise Impact Assessments (ENIA) are typically conducted for the following reasons:

  • If there are potential noise-sensitive receptors staying within 1,000 m from industrial activities (SANS 10328:2008);
  • It is a controlled activity in terms of the NEMA regulations and an ENIA is required, because it may cause a disturbing noise that is prohibited in terms of section 18(1) of the Government Notice 579 of 2010; and
  • It is generally required by the local or district authority as part of the environmental authorisation or planning approval in terms of Regulation 2(d) of GN R154 of 1992.

In South Africa the document that addresses the issues specifically concerning environmental noise is SANS 10103:2008. It has been thoroughly revised and brought in line with the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) during 2006 - 2007. It provides the maximum average ambient noise levels during the day and night to which different types of developments may be exposed.

In addition, the SANS 10328:2008 standard specifies the methodology to assess the potential noise impacts on the environment due to a proposed activity that might impact on the environment. This standard also stipulates the minimum requirements to be investigated.