Hydrogeology and Hydropedeology Impact Assessments

Hydrogeology, groundwater hydrology, geohydrology and hydropedeology refers to the occurrence, distribution and movement of water below the Earth’s surface.

The science of groundwater, therefore, incorporate both the fluid (water) and the particular medium through which it is flowing (soils or geological materials). The relevance of the science of hydrogeology and hydropedeology is generally quantitative and qualitative.

At Eco Elementum we are qualified, experienced and appropriately registered with SACNASP, who is the legislated regulatory body for natural science practitioners in South Africa and are therefore allowed to support our clients with the following services:

  • Specialist investigations and studies supporting environmental impact assessments and associated authorisation applications
  • Feasibility, dewatering, and closure related studies
  • Hydrochemistry, pollution plume migration, contamination and numerical groundwater flow and transport modelling
  • Soil related water movement in the vadose zone flow and transport modelling
  • Waste management, disposal, characterisation and classification investigations and studies
  • Groundwater and hydromorphic soil functioning impact assessments and modelling related studies tailor made to fit our client’s requirements
  • Determination of management and mitigation measures to reduce the impacts on the groundwater (hydrogeology) and soil properties (hydropedeology)
  • Providing monitoring guidelines for ongoing evaluation during the project lifecycle.