Environmental Monitoring and Control

Environmental Control Officers and Field Technicians

Site inspections, sampling of various environmental parameters and independent Environmental Control Officer reporting.

Surface Water

Surface water quality and quantity sampling, monitoring and reporting.


Groundwater quality, quantity and water level sampling, monitoring and reporting.

Air Quality

Gravimetric dust fallout, particulate matter (PM), passive diffuse and active gaseous emissions sampling, monitoring and reporting.


Noise monitoring in accordance with SANS 10103:2008 – The Measurement and Rating of Environmental Noise.


Land capability, amelioration requirements, contamination and chemical soil assessment and reporting.

Legislative Independent Auditing and Reporting Requirements
  • External independent Integrated Water Use License (IWUL) auditing and reporting.
  • Environmental Management Programme (EMP) performance assessment auditing and reporting.
  • Financial Mine Closure Quantum determination and reporting.
  • Integrated Water and Waste Management Plan (IWWMP) compilation, annual updating and reporting.
  • Rehabilitation Strategic Implementation Programme (RSIP) compilation, annual updating and reporting.
  • Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Plan (WC/WDM) compilation, annual updating and reporting.

Aquatic Ecology
  • Integrated Habitat Assessment System (IHAS) & South African Scoring System (SASS) assessment and reporting.
  • Direct Estimation of Ecological Effect Potential (DEEEP) assessment and reporting.

Biodiversity and Wetlands
  • Wetland delineation, Present Ecological Status (PES) and Environmental Integrity Score (EIS) assessment and reporting.
  • Biodiversity and Wetland Offset compilation, implementation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Independent Wetland specialist monitoring and reporting.

Hydro- and Geohydrological Requirements
  • Water Balance & Waste Load compilation, annual updating and determination inclusive of assessment of Dam Capacities and reporting.
  • Geohydrological Study and Model compilation, annual updating and reporting.