Environmental and Legal Compliance Auditing

The Eco Elementum team has extensive local and international experience in the field of environmental and legal compliance auditing. Environmental auditing is a generalised term that can reflect various types or evaluations intended to identify environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps, along with related corrective actions.

Eco Elementum offers two main distinctive compliance auditing services:

Environmental Legal Compliance Audits:
  • Water Use License audits
  • Environmental Management Programme/Plan Performance Assessment Reports (EMPPAR)
  • Environmental legal compliance audits
  • GAP Analysis
  • Risk Assurance and Due Diligence audits
  • General Legal Advisory
  • Provide general legal advice and assistance to clients seeking approvals regarding substantive and procedural environmental legal authorisation requirements
  • Assist clients with the identification of environmental legal risks and liabilities during the planning, pre-feasibility, operational and closure stages of projects
Management System Compliance Audits
  • ISO 14001 Systems Audits (internal audits)
  • Health and Safety legal compliance audits
  • Customised audits according to specific legislation set
  • Compiling Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Legal Registers and providing updating services
  • Environmental Aspect Impact Registers
  • Development and implementation of the complete ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System