Engineering Services

Eco Elementum aims to offer our clients a full set of services in terms of mine development. From the initial mining application to the design and implementation of the mining infrastructure and ultimate mine closure rehabilitation and monitoring.

Our engineering services covers the full spectrum of environmental engineering and infrastructure requirements in terms of mine development and operation. Our field of expertise includes all aspects of infrastructure design, which includes the following processes: civil, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical and structural design of mining related infrastructure and the upgrading or refurbishment of existing infrastructure process optimisation and reviews.

Project involvement covers all the key elements of design and project management including:

  • Field and Feasibility Studies
  • Investigatory Studies and Project Identification
  • Report Writing, Preliminary and Detailed Analysis and Design
  • Cost Estimation, Tender and Contract Documentation
  • Tender Evaluation and Adjudication
  • Specification Compiling, Generation of Bills of Quantities
  • Construction Supervision
  • Quality Control, Site Inspections
  • Contract Administration

Water Resource Engineering

  • Mining Surface Water Studies
  • Water and Salt Balances
  • Dam Break Analysis and Safety Inspections
  • Hydrological Studies and Modelling Waste Classifications
  • Design of Pumping Systems
  • Floodlines


  • Construction Management
  • Site Supervision and Monitoring
  • Engineering Procurement Construction

Municipal Infrastructure

Eco Elementum’s team has extensive experience in master planning, design project management and site supervision of water related municipal infrastructure.

Our services in the field of municipal infrastructure include:


  • Sewer Reticulation Design
  • Sewage Pump Stations
  • Waste Water Treatment Works

Water Supply

  • Bulk Supply
  • Pump Stations and Pipelines
  • Reticulation Design
  • Water Treatment Works

Roads and Storm Water

  • Pavement Design
  • Geometrics
  • Traffic Studies
  • Stormwater Management Flood Hydrology
  • Flood Line Studies
  • Stormwater Reticulation Design

Water Utilisation Engineering (Water Treatment)

Eco Elementum’s engineering team, has extensive experience in planning, design, project management and co-ordination of large multidisciplinary water, wastewater and industrial effluent treatments plants. Our team has been involved in more than a hundred treatment plant projects.

Our services offered in the field of water and wastewater purification include:

  • Status-quo Investigations
  • Treatment Plant Design
  • Operation Review and Optimisation
  • Environmental Authorisations
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Turnkey Solutions

Traffic Impact Assessments

The Eco Elementum Traffic Impact Assessment Studies carried out by appropriately registered civil engineers typically investigates the traffic impact on the road network to determine whether there is a need to implement any road or intersection improvements to mitigate and accommodate the anticipated (background traffic, future background traffic, proposed development traffic and latent rights traffic volumes) traffic impact.

These studies further entail:

  • Conducting of traffic counts to determine the existing traffic conditions at the intended access roads to the proposed site.
  • Analysing the intended access road(s) to the new proposed site, with the aid of micro-simulation software packages.
  • Predicting future traffic from the new proposed site by utilising the following:
    • Estimating the peak amount of trucks per hour; and
    • Estimating the peak amount of light vehicles accessing and exiting the site.
  • Conducting analyses on micro-simulation software to simulate the impact of future traffic volumes on the background traffic.
  • Determining if there are any mitigating measures required due to new traffic volumes related to the proposed activity.
  • Determining road safety requirements related to the vehicle movement within the urban and suburban areas.